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Paranoia in the age of rising bullying

All of the readings on paranoia and it’s link to humiliation were very interesting, but I think that Muesnter and Lotto’s essay brought it all together. The language was more manageable and it’s clarity made me understand it more. The … Continue reading

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Star Trek Fundamentalism

“The true Kingdom of God – the real physical Kingdom of Heaven – the Evolutionary Level Above Human – are completely synonymous. As a genderless Kingdom, it “reproduces” or adds to its Kingdom membership through the use of this metamorphic … Continue reading

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The Prevalence of Paranoia

Out of this week’s readings, I found Bettina Muenster and David Lott’s “The Social Psychology of Humiliation and Revenge” to be the most engaging and insightful.  Instead of relying on hyper-theoretical language that cannot be proved empirically, the duo focuses … Continue reading

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The Ring of Fire

Acceptance of the fundamentalist mindset requires that rage and paranoia be regarded as intrinsic psychological phenomena, present across many spectrums of personality and sociological order.  The group, however, is exempted from these categorizations. Though it is capable of unleashing great … Continue reading

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