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The Future of Addiction; The Death of a Utopia

While the themes of The Albertine Notes encompass a web of complex ideas, I found Moody’s treatment of drug use to be noteworthy in its range of literary functions.  It’s easy and formulaic to personify addiction as an antagonistic, destructive force that … Continue reading

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Redemption For Some, A Savior To The Others

After reading my entry from last week (technically as I’m posting this, it was this week), readers will be glad to know that I have few complaints, if any, about the last half of the book.  If anything, I was … Continue reading

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Banality. Conversation Without Quotes. Unexplained endings.

I’m sitting here listening to Omar Khairat, an Egyptian composer, because it’s the only lyric-less music I can think of that I have on my computer, and it’s very conducive to doing homework.  But that’s neither here nor there with … Continue reading

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The Lingering Power of Watchmen

I first read Alan Moore’s Watchmen three years ago – at the time, it was a profoundly effective piece of media, and from my experience, it defied categorization as a work of fiction based on the its innate tactile and visual … Continue reading

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The Constant Apocalypse

I find Kermode’s thesis reassuring in its logical simplicity.  I believe that his assertion about the nature of the Apocalypse – that we “project ourselves … past the End, so as to see the structured whole” (p. 8 ) – … Continue reading

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