Welcome to Group 3 – Downtown Brooklyn’s Site!

This site is an overview of the Downtown Brooklyn area since the Barclays Center opened in 2012. Our group has studied the gentrification, especially in regards to the businesses in the area.

Included in our website are the following:

  • Demographics
    • The statistics in this section are current as of 2013
  • History
    • A brief overview of how Downtown Brooklyn became the place it is today/
  • Photos
    • Some photos that we thought demonstrate the essence of Downtown Brooklyn
  • Sources
    • A collection of annotated bibliographies that help to understand the Downtown Brooklyn area and the Barclays Center’s effects
  • Virtual¬†Tour
    • A walking tour on google maps that has short informational videos at each stop of the tour


Hope you  enjoy!

Created by:

Kevin Behnke, Lucas Cornish, Cristina Lozano, Ella Merriwether, Cristian Urgiles, and Rebecca Zinsley