From the very beginning of the semester our hearts were set on exploring and experiencing our home, New York City. Reading How the Other Half Lives by Jacob Riis and From Ellis Island to JFK by Nancy Foner taught us to view New York City from the perspectives of the plethora of immigrants streaming into New York to fulfill their version of the “American Dream”. This project attempts to analyze the immigration patterns today through specific studies on houses of worships and their influence on the establishment of neighborhoods that they now call home.

From Washington Square to Washington Heights, from the BX to the BK, there are infinite locations within New York City to visit and explore. Spend a day in our shoes; venture to one of these neighborhoods that displays vibrant, modern, public art. Dare to visit a new zip code. Travel to a different world while actually staying in the same borough. Let this site guide you through the people and the places that make New York one of the most spectacular cities on earth.