Masjid El-Ber

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Denomination: Sunni (Traditional)
Demographics: Unknown
Prayers: All prayers including formal jum’a
Language of services: Arabic
Imam: Unknown
Director/President: Atef Mohamed
Phone: (718) 784-0336‎
Masjid El-Ber, or more traditionally spelled Al-Birr, means “piety and righteousness”.

Masjid El-Ber is located on 36-05 30th Street, Astoria, NY 11106.


Observe the geometric marble patterns on the building, one of the most simple yet elegant styles of Islamic art. Simplicity is a rich vibe that circulates through this building. Inside is a simple prayer room with comfortable carpet and a few fans on the wall.


This is a congregation that is predominantly Egyptian and Bengali, but there are also a decent amount of Caribbeans and Moroccans. During Ramadan they serve various types of Egyptian style foods.

According to some of the Muslim brothers in the Mosque Masjid El-Ber has been in the neighborhood for well over 25 years. Ever since the creation of the mosque they have not expanded the building. The Imam and leading officials claimed they merely needed a place that would cater to the community’s need. The simple necessity of having a place to gather and pray. Masjid El-Ber does a fabulous job of accomplishing this.

A frequent masjid-goer and mutual friend Khandaker Ali gave his take on his experiences at the Mosque:

“This place is legitimate. It serves not only as a house to carry out my prayers in, but also a social environment. After friday’s Jummah prayer this is where everyone meets up. You’ll see the elders meeting up together to maybe go smoke some hookah. Me and a couple of the guys meet up in a group of ten to fifteen after prayer to chill afterward. People don’t come together like this at random. This mosque, as well as any other mosque keeps the Muslim community together. We update each other on our lives and enjoy a nice Friday together while we’re at it. We might even go down to Steinway and enjoy a relaxing evening at the Firdos: Lounge & Grill. I hear they have the best Pakistani falooda (ice cream) in the states. Oh man!”

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