Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church of Bay Ridge

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8401 Ridge Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Website: holycrossbrooklyn.com

The Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church of Bay Ridge is located at Ridge Boulevard between 84th and 85th Streets. Holy Cross is one of the newest churches in Bay Ridge; the parish began in 1956 and the church was constructed in 1966. The neighborhood surrounding Holy Cross is very quaint, filled with mansions, in the most suburban part of Bay Ridge. The church itself was constructed above street level like many houses in the area.

The building is built of brick and contains one large dome located in the back of the church and a small dome located at the top right. The domes are the most prominent features of this church and typical of Orthodox churches in general. The domes are the first thing you’ll notice about this church. On the inside of the large dome, there is an icon of Christ as the Ruler of the Universe depicted, which is also typical of Orthodox churches.


Holy Cross is currently led by Father Sarelis. The parish is part of The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, which is an eparchy (province) of the Church of Constantinople (Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constaninople). The Church of Constantinople is part of the wider Greek Orthodox Church, which is distinguished by its liturgy traditionally conducted in Koine Greek (original language of the New Testament). The Church of Constantinople is also one of the fourteen autocephalous churches (not subject to the authority of an external patriarch) within the communion of Orthodox Christianity. Orthodox Christianity is distinguished by its fourteen different autocephalous churches.

Holy Cross holds services at 9 and 10 a.m. on Sundays, 6 p.m. on Saturdays, and 9 a.m. on Feast Days. Holy Cross also hosts many groups such as the Young Adult League, Boyscouts, Girlscouts, Philoptohos, JOY, and GOYA.

Brief History

In 1956, 7 men decided that a Greek Orthodox Church was needed in the neighborhood for the preservation of Greek culture and as a spiritual and communal center. These were the founding fathers of the church. As more people joined the church committee, Holy Cross was ecclesiastically authorized by Kings County in 1958. That same year, the property of the future church site at 84th and Ridge Boulevard was purchased for $95,000. While the church was being built, services were generously held at the Union Church of Bay Ridge at 81st Street. In 1963, services were moved to a new building at 83rd and Ridge Boulevard that was purchased for $60,000.

In 1964, the archdiocese assigned Father Basil Gregory to Holy Cross. Mr. W. Chirgotis was hired as the architect and the building was contracted to DiGiovani & Sons at a price of $375,000. In 1965, church members voted to name the church “Holy Cross.” Finally in 1966, construction was completed.



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