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Historical information and respective pictures made possible by “Our Brooklyn-Brighton Beach History.” 2005 Brooklyn Public Library—Brooklyn Collection. All rights reserved.  Accessed 1 May 2010.  <>

For information on the 1970’s housing vacancy crisis, see the film Boardwalk (1979)

For a discussion on Jewry in America see Samuel Kliger’s The Religion of New York Jews form the Former Soviet Union, from Tony Carnes & Anna Karpathakis, eds. New York Glory; Religions in the City (New York University Press, 2001)

For an elaboration of Jewish settlement in Brighton Beach see Annelise Orleck’s The Soviet Jews: Life in Brighton Beach, Brookly, from Nancy Foner, ed. New Immigrants in New York (Columbia University Press, 1987), inc.

For a summarization of immigration history in Brighton Beach see the Brighton Neighborhood Association’s (BNA) webpage at

For a journalist’s perspective and respective pictures detailing Brighton Beach culture see

Pictures of Houses of Worship  by Adam Dikker and Benny Wong

Neighborhood Profile | Houses of Worship | Sources

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