Mahayana Buddhist Temple

Mahayana Buddhist Temple
Location: 133 Canal Street, New York, NY, 10002
Denomination: Buddhist
Founded: 1996

Amongst the knockoff handbag stores, numerous Asian restaurants, and crowds of people, the Mahayana Buddhist Temple is a prominent figure on Canal Street. The interior of the church is modestly stunning: while the architecture is not exactly world-class, the interior feel of the temple is still very present. The actual building has not housed the temple for very long: prior to 1996, 133 Canal Street showed adult movies. Transitioning such an establishment to a sacred place of worship might seem daunting, but it was certainly done with style. Pictures line the walls of the temple, and a 16-foot golden Buddha- reportedly the largest one in New York City- rests at the front of the temple. An overall calm atmosphere pervades this Chinatown temple, and while its history might not be all that extensive, it is certainly making its mark on Canal Street.

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