Free Synagogue of Flushing
Free Synagogue of Flushing

The Free Synagogue of Flushing

Location: 41-60 Kissena Blvd, Flushing, NY

(718) 961-0030

The first liberal reform Jewish congregation was The Free Synagogue of Flushing, which was founded in 1917.   Under the leader of Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, the Women’s Hebrew Aid Society founded a Free Synagogue movement. The Free Synagogue building today is of neo-classical design. The building includes a huge entrance along with four pillars. On the top of the building is inscribed with the words of Isaiah, a Hebrew Prophet, “For mine house shall be called a house of prayer for all people.” Maurice Courland designed the building.

Inside of the Free Synagogue

Today the Free Synagogue of Flushing hosts a tremendous amount of services and events.  Shabbat and Holiday services are available for everyone.  In addition, education services are available for families and adults.  Children can participate in the family education program to learn more about Judaism.  The synagogue hosts a Bar or Bat Mitzvah along with lively events such as a Jazz Service.   This synagogue is just one of many that exist in Flushing today.

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