True Buddha Diamond Temple of New York

Location: 3332, 148th Street, Flushing, NY 11354-3238, USA
Phone: 718-888-7919

This temple is directly linked with the True Buddha society in the entire world, and here in the United States with the True Buddha School in Seattle. The current revered grand master (Living Buddha Lian Shen, seen below) , is the lineage guru of the True Buddha School. He holds lineage from many schools in South and South East Asia. One of them is from Tibetan Buddhism. He has also attained the highest fruition in religious practices in the world.

The Greatness of True Buddha School:

1. True Buddha SchoolTrue Buddha School`s lineage transmission is the greatest. True Buddha School has the perfect lineage transmissions from:

2. Vajrayana (Tantric) Buddhism Nyingmapa, Kagyudpa, Gelupa, Sakyapa, and the Universe.

3. The perfect Root Guru: Living Buddha Lian-Sheng, the Great Enlightened Vajra Acharya.

4. The most precise and concise cultivation liturgy: True Buddha Tantric cultivation (inclusive of the core practice of Sutrayana, Zen and Vajrayana) with complete and accurate sequence.

5. The most suited-to-nowadays fashion: As predicted by Guru Padmasambhava long time ago, when the `metal-bird` (i.e. the airplane nowadays) starts hovering in the air, the Tantric Buddhism will be popularized. (Up to now, over hundreds of people taking refuge under True Buddha School every day, and True Buddha School chapters are all over the world). Anybody, who takes refuge under True Buddha School and cultivates with full faith, will be assured of attainment of true empowerment in the shortest time. One`s karma hindrance accumulated from the immemorial past will be eradicated and one will be released from the worries and gain the true joy in the Samadhi, the eternal `Silent Bliss`.

The path of worship that this Buddhist Temple in Flushing takes, is of a very interesting one. Upon discovering that such a temple exists, Chirag, one of the members of our class working on this page, was amazed. This was due to the fact that many of the inscriptions of words and symbols used for worship in the temple is very similar to his faith, Jainism.

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