Trinity Lutheran Church

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In 1890, the dominant Norwegians of Sunset built the Trinity Lutheran Church. The Church has changed considerably due to new demographics.

Like with the Polish people, Norwegians found good jobs at the waterfront. Church was another important aspect of life.

Upper chapel

Upper chapel

By the 20th century, English speakers started to rise in prominence. The Church has two chapels, one main one and another below. The English speakers were given the bottom chapel, while the Norwegians had the main chapel.

Eventually, there were more English speakers than Norwegians, so the two groups switched chapels. Now the Norwegians were at the bottom, English on top.

In 2001, the last Norwegian sermon was given. There were barely any of them left, but there was a large new group of Hispanics. They had taken the Norwegian’s place at the bottom chapel.

The current pastor is bilingual, and so he preaches to both congregations. At 10 AM he gives the English mass, and 11 AM the Spanish mass. During the summer days, the services are held at recently renovated bottom chapel because there is AC. In the winter, service returns to the main chapel.

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