Fourth Avenue United Methodist Church and Tian Fu

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Located at 4614 fourth avenue

Tian Fu church was started abiut five years ago alongside with a small latino congregation in the united methodist church by  a century ago for a Norwegian parish.

Almost one-quarter of the foreign born immigrants come from come from China. Most of the immigrants come with limited English speaking and interpreting capabilities. The church helps these people by comforting them through religion, such as holding services in Mandarin.

Most of the Chinese immigrants are peasants whose religious practices are disturbed by the Chinese Communist Party (Guest, Ken). So, it is meaningful for them to come here and start their own congregation. The church helps the growing community to come together in New York City’s third largest Chinatown.

The customs are similar to that of traditional Chinese culture such as distribution of steamed pork buns and fish ball soup after Sunday services.

This is a classic example of how religion plays an important role in New York City’s immigration.

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