The Morris-Jumel Mansion

With views of the Harlem River, the Bronx, Long Island Sound, New York City, South harbor, Hudson River and the Jersey Palisades, the Morris-Jumel Mansion, also known as the famous Mount Morris, is the oldest home in New York City. This legendary mansion has stood through various generations accommodating prominent figures and serving many key purposes.

Built in 1765 by British Colonel Roger Morris and his wife, Mary Philipse, built the home that once stretched across the island including more than 130 acres as their summer spot. Today this mansion is a great historical monument due to its significant uses. George Washington, the father of our great nation once used this house for his headquarters during the American Revolution. There at the battle of Harlem Heights the British were withdrawn back by the revolutionary troops lead by Washington. The original owners left for Britain due to loyalty to King George. Three future political leaders dined at the house with General Washington. The future presidents, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and John Quincy Adams have stepped inside this 8,500 square foot French influenced mansion.

Built in a Palladian style this house consists of a balcony, portico, a two-story octagon, and beautiful classical columns, a truly unique house for its time. Other noteworthy individuals include Alexander Hamilton and Henry Knox. Mount Morris also dwelled Manhattan travelers looking for a place to stay, and the mansion had numerous owners up until Frenchmen Stephen Jumel and his wife Eliza took ownership. Vice- President Aaron Burr married Madame Eliza Jumel in the parlor after her husband’s death.

Thanks to owners General Ferdinand P. and Lillie Earle’s efforts it will forever be preserved in our Nation’s history. This invaluable 18th century mansion is timeless evidence of the existence of our nation’s past around us and is a precious item to have in Uptown New York City.

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