Food and the Peopling of New York City

Professor: Cindy Lobel
ITF: Edwin Mayorga
Campus: Lehman College

This site is for the Macaulay Honors College @ Lehman College students in Seminar 2, Food and the Peopling of New York City. This course will study the peoples and peopling of New York City through the lens of food and eating. We will look at a number of themes that relate to migration and settlement in New York City, including historical and contemporary immigration and migration; work experiences; settlement patterns and assimilation; community and neighborhood; commerce and business; and conflict and cooperation.

Our sources will include a variety of readings and films, our own experiences and memories and those of our families, visits to sites in New York City, and guest speakers. Assignments include in-class and online discussions and formal writing assignments throughout the term, and our culminating project – an interactive map of food and migration sites in the Bronx, which will be included in the 2013 Macaulay Encyclopedia.

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