Surviving Sandy: An eye on the storm

Professor: Prabal De
ITF: Bronwyn Dobchuk-Land
Campus: City College

This site might be of particular interest to Professors who are interested in taking a different approach to the idea of “peopling” New York. The original idea for this class was to produce a documentary about the movement around New York City caused by Hurricane Sandy, and City College’s relationship to the crisis.
At some point it was decided that a documentary project wouldn’t work out, so students re-packaged the work they had done into a website, which can be viewed as its own project, and is also linked to from the course site which features other work the students did throughout the semester:
The Surviving Sandy site features interviews students did with each other about their experiences of the storm, interviews with a couple of Professors, news footage, original photographs, and original student photos of Sandy devastation. It showcases an attempt to use Aesop story engine.

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