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The Astoria Project

June 1, 2016

The Astoria Project Professor: Christos Ioannides ITF: Caroline Erb Campus: Queens College URL: Professor Christos Ioannides’ students created a site to highlight the demographic changes, cultural outlets, institutions, and commercial ventures of Greeks in Astoria, Queens. The website showcases the highlights of the Greek community as Astoria rapidly gentrifies. Each student authored a page […]

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The Peopling of New York

January 15, 2014

The Peopling of New York Professor: Peter Vellon ITF: Caroline Erb Campus: Queens College URL: During the Spring 2013 semester, the students in Professor Peter Vellon’s Seminar 2 class researched the relationship between immigration and migration, race, and class on the Lower East Side’s identity. They translated their research into websites geared toward the […]

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The Peopling of New York City

January 15, 2014

The Peopling of New York City Professor: Gabriel Haslip-Viera ITF: Aaron Kendall Campus: City College URL: Students investigated the role of immigration and migration in the shaping of New York’s identity – past, present, and future, through oral history interviews and neighborhood research projects. The projects were carried out individually and with little structuring, […]

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Food Communities of New York

November 28, 2011

Professor: Cindy Lobel ITF: Sam Han Campus: Lehman URL: Cindy Lobel’s class at Lehman made a food-focused site with the help of ITF Sam Han. Using the idea that food is central to community identity, the class gives a history and demographic overview of several neighborhoods before delving into the culinary offerings of each […]

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Urban Ethnography

November 21, 2011

Professor: Ida Susser ITF: Fiona Lee Campus: Hunter URL: Professor Ida Susser’s class looked at three varied area and five neighborhoods in New York: Chinatown, the Greenpoint/Williamsburg area, and Harlem/Morningside Heights. Students completed entries on specific issues in each area, such as Columbia’s involvement in the community and street vendors in Chinatown. The class […]

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Jews and Mexicans: Here and There

November 21, 2011

Professor: Judith Friedlander ITF: Jessica Hammerman Campus: Hunter URL: For Judith Friedlander’s seminar, students made a site that compared and contrasted the immigrant experience of two groups: Jews and Mexican. They not only examined the differences in culture, but also changes over time, focusing on the Jewish experience of 19th century New York, and […]

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Peopling of East Harlem

November 9, 2011

Professor: Peter Vellon ITF: Maggie Dickinson Campus: Queens URL: Professor Vellon’s class at Queens College worked with ITF Maggie Dickinson to complete a site focused on the East Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan. They created a photo gallery on the front page, detailed demographic trends, made maps, videos, and timelines to show important institutions and […]

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Peopling of New York: There’s An App For That!

October 31, 2011

Professor: Catherine Lavender ITF: Scott Henkle Campus: Staten Island URL: Overview: At CSI, Prof Catherine Lavender’s class divided into groups to study different ethnic communities in NYC. Working with ITF Scott Henkle, each group completed a site, and they were all collected on a main class site. Groups studied Egyptian, Polish, Ukrainian, Caribbean, Korean, […]

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West Harlem

October 19, 2011

Professor: Grazyna Drabik ITF: Dana Milstein Campus: City College URL: Overview: Prof Grazyna Drabik of City College and ITF Dana Milstein created a site that explores the neighborhood of West Harlem. The site takes a detailed look at a small area, covering numerous aspects of the neighborhood, from history to geography to cultural institutions.

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