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Sounds and Scenes of New York City

May 22, 2014

Sounds and Scenes of New York City Professor: Chris Bonastia ITF: Ben Miller Campus: Lehman College URL: A central landing site connects four subsites dedicated to musical “scenes” within NYC: Jazz, Latin, Disco, and Hip-Hop. All of these subsites share the same theme (Bushwick) and navigation, with pages for History, Music, Places, People, and […]

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The Peopling of New York

May 21, 2014

The Peopling of New York Professor: Eric Alterman ITF: Jennifer Corby Campus: Brooklyn College URL: In this seminar, students worked independently or in small groups to make 2 presentations: one on an NYC neighborhood, and one biography of an NYC landmark.

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East Harlem

November 21, 2011

Professor: Deborah Gardner ITF: Karen Gregory Campus: Hunter URL: Working with ITF Karen Gregory, Deborah Gardner’s class decided made a site about East Harlem, focused on seven specific cultural institutes in the neighborhood: El Museo del Barrio, Julia de Burgos Cultural Center, Thomas Jefferson Park, El Paso Taqueria, the Aguilar Library, St. Cecilia Church, […]

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Exploring Greenwich Village: Researching what makes the Village a village

October 31, 2011

Professor: Bernadette McCauley ITF: Anton Borst Campus: Hunter URL: Overview: Working with ITF Anton Borst, Bernadette McCauley and her class at Hunter made an intensive study of Greenwich Village. The site includes an index of term papers that students completed, as well as entries on landmarks, the arts, community and social issues, and history […]

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West Harlem

October 19, 2011

Professor: Grazyna Drabik ITF: Dana Milstein Campus: City College URL: Overview: Prof Grazyna Drabik of City College and ITF Dana Milstein created a site that explores the neighborhood of West Harlem. The site takes a detailed look at a small area, covering numerous aspects of the neighborhood, from history to geography to cultural institutions.

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Peopling of New York City: East Broadway, Chinatown

October 17, 2011

Professor: Ken Guest ITF: Lynn Horridge Campus: Baruch URL: Overview: Working with ITF Lynn Horridge, Professor Ken Guest’s class at Baruch made a site about Chinatown, focused on the East Broadway area of Manhattan. The class took a geographical approach, studying the landmarks and services offered in the area. They drew on walking tours […]

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