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Neighborhoods of New York

May 20, 2019

Neighborhoods of New York Professor: Joseph Berger ITF: Madison Priest Campus: Hunter College URL: Neighborhoods of New York is the result of research project undertaken by first year Macaulay Honors students at Hunter College, City University of New York (CUNY) under the supervision of Professor Joseph Berger and Madison Priest. This website showcases student […]

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A People's Guide to NYC

May 29, 2018

A People's Guide to NYC Professor: Arianna Martinez ITF: Lindsey Albracht Campus: Queens College URL: Inspired by the recently published book, A People’s Guide to Los Angeles, this assignment asked students at Queens Macaulay Honors College to construct an alternative tourist guide to New York City: a guide that highlights immigrant stories, prioritizes contested […]

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Podcasting the People of New York

June 6, 2017

Podcasting the People of New York Professor: Amy Weiss ITF: Katherine Logan McBride Campus: City College URL: Students created podcasts to address an historical question of their choosing about the inhabitants of New York City.

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The Peopling of New York

January 15, 2014

The Peopling of New York Professor: Peter Vellon ITF: Caroline Erb Campus: Queens College URL: During the Spring 2013 semester, the students in Professor Peter Vellon’s Seminar 2 class researched the relationship between immigration and migration, race, and class on the Lower East Side’s identity. They translated their research into websites geared toward the […]

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Tompkinsville, Brighton Beach, Lower East Side, and Jackson Heights

May 29, 2012

Professor: Grace Cho ITF: Kamili Posey Campus: Staten Island URL: This website is a catalogue of Professor Cho’s Seminar 2 students’ food and culture expedition in four New York City neighborhoods: Jackson Heights, Queens; Tompkinsville, Staten Island; Brighton Beach, Brooklyn; and Lower East Side, Manhattan. The students conducted ethnographic research on each neighborhood with […]

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Religious Peoples of Flushing

December 5, 2011

Professor: Omri Elisha ITF: Tsai-Shiou Hsieh Campus: Queens URL: Professor Omri Elisha’s class completed an in-depth study of the various religious communities that can be found in Flushing. Groups worked on investigating Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, and Sikh communities, noting houses of worship, histories of the faiths, and the people who are part […]

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Food Communities of New York

November 28, 2011

Professor: Cindy Lobel ITF: Sam Han Campus: Lehman URL: Cindy Lobel’s class at Lehman made a food-focused site with the help of ITF Sam Han. Using the idea that food is central to community identity, the class gives a history and demographic overview of several neighborhoods before delving into the culinary offerings of each […]

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New York’s Four Asiatowns

November 21, 2011

Professor: Margaret Chin ITF: Mike Porter Campus: Hunter URL: Margaret Chin’s class compared and contrasted the communities in New York’s four Asiatowns: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn; Flushing, Queens; Manhattan’s Chinatown; and Sunset Park, Brooklyn. They examined politics, issues of gentrification, and institutions in each neighborhood, including schools, libraries, community centers, medical facilities, and cultural centers. […]

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Immigrant Eyes

November 14, 2011

Professor: Philip Kasinitz ITF: Jesse Goldstein Campus: Hunter URL: Overview In Prof Philip Kasinitz’s class at Hunter, ITF Jesse Goldstein worked with the class to make a multi-neighborhood site that presented the work of groups who completed specific investigative tasks about the areas they studied: Chelsea, Chinatown, Williamsburg, the East Village, the Upper East […]

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Peopling of East Harlem

November 9, 2011

Professor: Peter Vellon ITF: Maggie Dickinson Campus: Queens URL: Professor Vellon’s class at Queens College worked with ITF Maggie Dickinson to complete a site focused on the East Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan. They created a photo gallery on the front page, detailed demographic trends, made maps, videos, and timelines to show important institutions and […]

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Peopling of New York: Astoria, Flushing, Coney Island, and Washington Heights

October 26, 2011

Professor: Joseph Berger ITF: Chris Caruso Campus: City College URL: Overview: Working with ITF Chris Caruso, Prof Berger’s class at City completed a detailed site with information about four major neighborhoods in NYC: Astoria, Flushing, Coney Island, and Washington Heights. The groups provide comprehensive information about each neighborhood, including histories, demographics, landmarks, entertainment, and food […]

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