Fabian Oefner

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I recently discovered Fabian Oefner, and was amazed by his use of color. He uses normal physical properties with different liquids to create art that is seemingly random, but also very deliberate. For example, Oefner uses Ferrofluid and its magnetic properties to develop incredible art. I found an interest in his art first, and then was even more intrigued by it after finding out what went behind it.

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Ferrofluid is peculiar metal. It’s magnetic (due to iron particles in it) and the particles in the solution rearrange when placed under a magnetic field. Water colors are then added to the liquid, and these images are hence formed. Ferrofluid is hydrophobic, and therefore doesn’t mix with the water it is placed with. These photos are only about the size of a thumbnail, but yet are so clear and crisp; how could they not catch your eye?

The photos remind me of brains sometimes, and cells in others when I realize that they are very small images blown up into something larger.

Oefner uses bright, distinct color to bring life and amazing detail in images and in video. He created a magnificent show with the Ferrari California T to outline it’s sleek look. He also created a commercial for the LG OLEG TV, using his bright colors to create a positive image for the system. 

The link for the Ferrari commercial can be found here

Overall, it was Oefner’s use of color that stuck out to me. He uses unique styles that create a natural look, but also artificial at the same time by using the colors that he does.

Those interested in reading more about Fabian Oefner can visit his website here