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I’m enjoying my snow day by drinking a bottle of Coke, listening to Muse, and pretending to study for Chemistry. I try my best to start my homework early, so I don’t end up stressing about it at the end of the weekend. It doesn’t work. I spend too much time on Facebook, twitter, and It’s terrible. The deactivation button is conveniently placed at the top right corner for addicts like me, but I never have the courage to actually press it. As I waste away my life, I love having the company of Jason Mraz, Coheed and Cambria, Muse, Oceansize, Protest the Hero, and Dave Matthews.

Reading the New York Times, playing the violin and piano, and when it is not negative 50 million degrees outside, running are among my “Favorite Things to Do” List. Running played a huge role in my life back in high school. I loved every moment of it: cheering on the team, sledding down the hills of Clove Lakes Park during practice, or the having feeling of death overtaking my body as I pounded down the last few meters of the 400m hurdles race. Everything. The feeling of excitement graced the track and the trails.It kept me alive. If I didn’t have to COMMUTE to get to practice everyday, I would join the track team, without a doubt.

Blake Lively is fabulous. Dumplings are delicious. Life is wonderful.

“And Tonight, We Can Truly Say Together We’re Invincible”

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