Diana Marcela Duque

I was born in Cali, Colombia but came to the United States when I was only 17 months old so I have been raised here my whole life. My immediate family currently resides in Lindenhurst, Long Island. I learned to speak English and Spanish around the same time, however, I did have to take ESL in Kindergarten to strengthen my English. My parents are both from Colombia, although from two different cities. In addition to this, every great-grandparent and grandparent I know of is from Colombia. Recently, an aunt and uncle moved to Spain so I have Spanish cousins. I have been raised with the Catholic religion, when I was younger it did not play such a big role in my life but my parents have become more involved in the Catholic faith and as a result I have also been more exposed to Catholicism. Although I have been in America for basically my whole life, we value many cultural traditions and continue to uphold them.

I hope to major in Early Childhood Education and teach Elementary School. I love listening to music and having fun with people I care about. I have to admit, I am a big Twilight Saga fan [Team Edward]. I love the beach and the snow, but my favorite season is Spring. I’ve never really been into sports; I enjoy reading and food and just getting to know people. :]

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