Mason Taub

Hello!  My name is Mason Taub.  I have lived in the Riverdale area of the Bronx for the past five years (although many people wouldn’t consider Riverdale as part of the Bronx…I don’t blame them).  Before that I lived about an hour and a half upstate of the city, and before that, Santa Cruz, California, where I was born in a tiny little house with pink plastic flamingos.  I have quite a muddied ethnic background for a New Yorker, seeing as how most people here have some sort of direct connection to the culture of their parents, grandparents, etc.  My mother’s side is a mish mosh of Europe, including English, Austrian, and Scottish.  My father’s family is of a bit more interest.  We are primarily of Eastern European Jewish descent, with a single ancestor of Spanish origin: my great-grandfather, Max Magita, a middleweight boxer who came to the United States and started our family with my great-grandmother Augusta, a Jewish woman from Russia.

I haven’t declared  a major yet, but I am considering Literature, Spanish, or History, or a combination of them!  I am sure that will change as I go along as well….  I am working on the Immigration Policies page of this site with the lovely and talented Maisha Lopa!!!  Enjoy!


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