Yuliya Kozachenko

Well hello there. I’m Yuliya.

I hate writing about myself, so bear with me.

My background is not quite as muddled and interesting as some of the other members of our class. I have immigrated into this country roughly five years ago, from a small city in Eastern Ukraine. My father is 100% Ukrainian, while my mother migrated from the Russian Ural Mountains when she was younger. We’re unsure about her exact ancestry, but she has Russian and Siberian roots. Yes, the same Siberians who eat raw deer.

My interests and passions reflect the dual exposure to two different cultures. Although I have taken up tennis when I moved here, I still play a mean game of badminton.  My father and I kept our tradition of watching Premier League football on weekends.  Despite being raised on a strict diet of classic rock, I’ve developed an unanticipated love for classical music and cannot go a week without an emotional recharge at a Juilliard concert. In whatever spare time I have I enjoy reading and people photography. It’s not creepy or anything.

My partner Ann and I will be working on the Family and Gender Relations portion of the website. We will try our best to keep the feminist sentiments at bay. No promises though.

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