Demographic and Residence Patterns

On this page, we analyze and compare the demographics of both Jewish immigrants in the late 19th century and Mexican immigrants in the late 20th. Demographics, which include vital statistics about birth, death, and everything in between, can give important insight into the lives of these immigrants. Within the subpages, we look into the key aspects of immigrant demography both in their home countries and in the United States. With respect to the Jews, one will find an analysis of how the rise and fall of Alexander II drastically changed life for the Jews, and eventually was the catalyst for their immigration. Also included are the Jewish settlement patterns on the Lower East Side, and how their immigration to this area shaped it into such a unique part of the city. In regards to Mexican immigrants, one will find information about how the turbulent Mexican economy inspired a great migration. Additionally, the settlement patterns and trends of these new immigrants in modern New York City are described in detail within the subpages. Enjoy!

By Alex Kraljic, Brian Moldashel, and Casey Nezin

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