• American Museum of Natural History

    The American Museum of Natural History hosts history itself as its collection. Through this slideshow, I want to show the progression of time and the prevalence of the past in our lives.

  • Museum of Arts and Design

    Daniel Brush: Blue Steel Gold Light Exhibition. Daniel Brush paints and sculpts with such meticulousness and definition that breathes life and movement into his artworks. When I saw these three artworks, I associated them with the elements of water, earth and life which inspired my visual diary. Photos courtesy of http://www.madmuseum.org/

  • American Folk Art Museum

      Ooh, Shiny! Exhibition The American Folk Art Museum almost closed down a year ago due to the lack of an audience. I combined the images of the different sculptures, materials, and artworks shown at the exhibit to create a poster. Hopefully this poster will encourage people to go and visit the museum and explore …