As I began reading the article I was worried that it would be almost incomprehensible for me in terms of jargon. However, as soon as I began, it caught my attention quite quickly. Galton was very wise to start the article off by depicting how this hormone, that is to be explained all throughout the article, has helped historically in such a significant way. It gives the reader a picture in their mind so they can easily identify with it. It also proves how Galton has a great deal of knowledge sense since he was able to hook the readers by identifying the most interesting use for this hormone in the human body. If Galton hadn’t incorporated the example of using prostaglandins in inducing labor, I don’t think I would have been nearly as excited about reading the rest of the article.

Looking at the article and how it was written, as a whole, I really appreciated the manner Galton chose to convey the information: narrative form. Going through the history of prostaglandin then proceeding with how it was later manipulated to work in many different ways for the body, I felt like I learned the whole history, background, and all the functions, in such a short article, in and out. Even the way he phrased the content of the article, as if some sci-fi mystery was being solved, it kept me engaged all throughout. One clear example is, “As investigators have worked with increased supplies, they have been able to resolve a number of seemingly unrelated mysteries.” Then by using bold statements like “Even the reason for the high concentration of prostaglandins in human semen-as much as 100 times greater than anywhere else in the body-remains a mystery,” it shows Galton’s data and number sense and his well-rounded knowledge, not only on prostaglandin, but on all the elements that are working with it as well.

All in all, I found the article to be pretty informative and an enjoyable read. I am usually not fond of reading science related articles, but this one managed to capture my attention very well. I also learned quite a bit about how prostaglandins work and the uses of them in the body and was amazed by how versatile one hormone could be. I would probably recommend this article to someone who enjoys expanding their realm of knowledge in the medical field.