A few years ago while playing basketball in my friend’s pool I felt a rush of pain.  I screamed after stubbing my toe quite hard and lifted up my foot to find that my toe was broken.  After rushing to urgent care it was revealed to me that the course of action was to wrap my toe to another toe and wait for it to heal.  I found this crazy.  Not only did I not understand why I just had to wait for it to heal, but why did I have to wrap my toe to another toe?  In the past when I jammed my finger very hard I received a splint, so why when I broke my toe did I just have to wrap it to it’s neighbor?

I think that various players in the healthcare system need to do a better job of healing broken toes.  My suggestion as to how this might come to be is by creating a toe splint.  Similar to the idea of a finger splint, the toe splint will be a hard device that keeps one’s toe straight.  However, because it must fit inside a shoe it will have to be more sleek than the typical splint that you see on people’s fingers.  I think that this is an easy solution to a problem that many such as myself have had.