A few healthcare issues that interest me include blindness, methylmalonic acedemia, and pancreatic cancer. A lack of resources to treat blindness affects not only people health wise but also economically. It is one of the reasons why people in developing countries can’t work, which affects the economy of the entire nation. Also, in North Korea, many of the citizens are blind however the government does not allow or provide any forms of treatments or therapies. Methylmalonic acidemia is a disease that affected someone in my family personally. It is very rare and does not have any kinds of treatments. There is a lack os research being done for this specific disease because it is so uncommon. Finally pancreatic cancer is a silent killer. It is very difficult to detect the cancer before it becomes metastatic. There should be more ways to detect this cancer. If there is more funding to do research for these healthcare issues, maybe we’d get closer to finding the cures.