Growing up the child of a pharmacist, I spent more time than a little kid ever should around the sick and contagious. Pharmacists not only have the duty of dispensing medication to patients, but they help assess just what path of treatment best aligns with each individual. There is no universal model for what a patient needs may be, yet for most, any ailment the solution prescribed by doctors is the swallowing of a pill. Medication is the form of coated pills was a tremendous advancement, but it is not a suitable solution for everyone. Infants, adolescents, many of the elderly, and patients with throats that are swollen shut or have obstructions in them often cannot swallow pills.

With transdermal options in the form of patches being available for such medications as birth control and curbing nicotine addictions, it could do a great many people a lot of good to have this as an alternate option. This could particularly be applied to something as commonly used as Insulin, which people suffering from Diabetes must inject themselves with throughout the day. Instead of constantly carrying around and injecting themselves, these people could instead simply bring their prescription transdermal patches with them.