Dr. Edyta Greer, Macaulay Honors College, Fall 2017

Poster Draft Toe Splint

Download (PPTX, 4.92MB)


  1. Zill Ratanji

    I definitely think that you solved some of the problems that were mentioned in class effectively. One problem that is still quite evident to me is the gray text boxes. My eyes want to read the blue and white boxes, but I looked right over the gray boxes. I think you should change the color for those to a lighter shade or a more vibrant color. Also I think that you should make the title box and the box with your names the same color as well (preferably to the title box color). Other than that, I really like your poster!

  2. egreer

    Dear “BEM Toe Splint” Team,
    Please see my comments below:
    1. The title does not fit into one line (at least on my screen) and the text of the abstract is shifted to the left side too much.
    2. More importantly for improvement of the flow I recommend placing the section entitled “Why We’re Better” in the first column followed the picture of the currently available splint.
    3. The picture of the currently available splint, in the second column, can be replaced by the Acknowledgements and logos of MakeHub and TinkerCad (if it fits).
    4. Fill out the third column with the Device Goals”, “Materials and Methods”, and “Future Projections”
    5. Make the first and the third column the same width
    6. Why is the second figure in the second column labelled Figure 2 (Continued)?

    I hope these comments help. Thank you, Dr. Greer

  3. David Chung Loo

    I find it hard to read the text over the grey textbooks. The thin font style also makes it hard to read, although this might be better after printed. Is there a way you can separate the components of your design? I understand that you provided different views to the sample components, but I have the misperception that there are a lot of components. Also, the foot should the most visible because we want to see how it works. Finally, I like the confidence you have on the product.

  4. Jacqueline Butler

    Overall, I think content is good but poster design needs work. References and acknowledgments could be smaller and moved to the right. Text boxes should be widened so that they are of equal width on the left and right sides. And, text should fit inside the text box (see “in-shoe solution” in title and “comfortable and painless” on the right). Overall – really cool project. Specifically – nice job explaining why the graph was chosen. Really adds to your argument about why this design is important.

  5. Deanna Pisacreta

    I think you’re idea for this poster is really great, and I like the 3D design a lot. Your information in the poster is good, however it becomes difficult to read over the grey text boxes so you might want to switch to a different color or transparency. Your title is also off-center so you might want to fix that, as well as the dimensions for the Macaulay and Baruch logos, they seem to have been shrunk down unevenly. Lastly, in the “why we’re better” section, your text begins to drop below the text box so you might want to extend the box to encompass all the text.

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