Science Forward Fall 2017

Dr. Edyta Greer, Macaulay Honors College, Fall 2017

Poster Draft – Deanna Pisacreta, Joseph Gofman, Alvin Kissoon

Download (PPTX, 2.71MB)


  1. Katherine Chemas

    November 17, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    Your information is precise and explains your product really well. I think labeling your design with little arrows of what each thing on the patch is would be helpful for people viewing the poster. Also watch for consistency, in your sentence “A Flexible, Biocompatible Weave Base” I think each word should be lowercased since the rest of the “Why Innovate” section is in full sentences. Overall great info just work on the aesthetics.

  2. Dear “E.Patch” Team:
    1. Is it “E.Patch” or “E-Patch”? Please decide how you wish to refer to your design.
    2. The “Why Innovate” section does not justify the need your design. Compare you design to what is currently available. Why is your design better?
    3. Why are you using a sentence case for some bullet points and title case for others in the “Why Innovate” section
    4. In the “Who could Benefit” section explain why each group of individuals would benefit from using your device?
    5. How is your design going to be used? Where is it going to implemented? How are vitals going to be monitored? How is your device going to be connected to the smartphone. Show using pictures.
    6. Label each part of your design in “Our Design”
    7. Create a legend in “What It Is” explain each part.
    8. What does the picture in the third column show? Why is it there?
    9. How did your design come about? What methods did you use to create? There is no mention of 3D printing at all.
    10. Columns are uneven.
    11. There is too much of unused/empty space
    12. Make reference section your last section.

    Please address all comments. Thank you. Regards, Dr. Greer

  3. The Macaulay logo as it appears on my computer looks odd. Did you use the one Jake provides? You should add arrows pointing to the components. Maybe you should move the section you have in Why Innovate with the list of components on Our Design. I feel like that part is also explained in What It Is, so having all the design components explained and identified in the middle column is a better flow. By the way, I really like the creativity and complexity of your design!

  4. I think the poster is great, but I would say that perhaps instead of putting the picture with the patch on the veins near the conclusion, I would put it in between “Why Innovate” and “Who Could Benefit.” It seems as though you have a lot of free space between those paragraphs, and not much after the conclusion. One comment my group had gotten was that the Maker Hub logo should perhaps not be larger than the Macaulay or Baruch logos, but I would argue that that’s not necessarily such a big deal.

  5. I like that the text is concise and straightforward and doesn’t have an unnecessary fluff. Your poster does have a lot of white space though. I’d recommend changing the design or color of the background to make it more visually appealing. The squares around your titles are also a little off. There’s too much space on top, so you should adjust it so that the sizing is even. You could also add more pictures to make it more attention grabbing. Overall, the content of your poster is good.

  6. I really like that (as previously stated by other commenters) your poster presents concise, easy to understand information. However, I do have some suggestions for formatting:
    1. All titles should be the same size font and possibly bolded to stand out more against the body text. Additionally, the poster would look more uniform if the words were centered in the title boxes, and if the boxes themselves were the same size as well.
    2. You might want to include more pictures to fill up the white space and balance out the amount of text.
    3. I noticed that the bullet points in the “Who Could Benefit” and “What It Is” sections are indented more than in the “Why Innovate” section, so maybe you could fix that.
    3A. Also, the last bullet point (“etc.”) in the “Who Could Benefit” section seems a little unnecessary/ too open-ended.

    Other than that, I think your innovation is a great idea and can’t wait to learn more about it!

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