Hi everyone,

The lab report presentation I gave yesterday is now up on the website here, or go to “In-class Presentations”>”Tutorials” in the menu above.

As a reminder, please upload your poster draft ASAP to the website, and especially please comment on others’. As of now, there are only three posters up. Ideally you should have incorporated some of the revisions that were suggested during your in-class share, and so we are now commenting on a new version. Please attend to this ASAP  and comment on other people’s posters so that groups have time over the next few days to do more revisions before Monday. It will be unfair if you get lots of good constructive feedback on your poster without leaving any for anyone else, so be a good colleague. On Monday, you’ll be doing a final run-through of your 10-minute presentation before the “final version” that will be presented on the Monday after Thanksgiving.