Dr. Edyta Greer, Macaulay Honors College, Fall 2017

Toothbrush Presentation

Download (PPTX, 2.96MB)


  1. egreer

    Dear “Braces-friendly Toothbrush” Team,
    1. There is too much text in the “Introduction” section and the font size is too small. Try to put information in “bullet form” rather than using sentences.
    2. Why is the “Types of Braces” section listed in the last column? In my opinion, it fits better in the introduction sentence. Right now it seems to be disconnected from the rest of the presentation and ruins the flow.
    3. Why should your toothbrush be used instead of currently available products?
    4. Use the same font type and size for text having the same level of importance.

    Thank you, Dr. Greer

  2. David Chung Loo

    The Introduction has too much text. You should include arrows to label components of your brush. I think having different views is awesome, but I feel like each picture should tell me something new. The pictures on the top left and bottom right do not tell me anything new. The Types of Braces section talks about different braces. Maybe you want to relate that to different toothbrushes and compare them to your tootbrush?

  3. Evan Harris

    I’m very impressed with your design. The only change I would make is to make the text about the design larger because right now it seems pretty difficult to read. I think that the pictures of the design and the description should perhaps be the same size. I also don’t know if you feel as though you could shorten it, but your introduction seems quite lengthy. If possible it might be a good idea to separate it into two separate paragraphs.

  4. Paul Menestrier

    I really like the overall design of the poster, especially the choice for the Baruch and Macaulay logos.
    I would change the following:
    -Center your names
    -Make the introduction more concise
    -Align the infographic with the introduction text
    -Section titles: basically two say design. Maybe have the first one say visual 3D design?
    -I think making the overall poster more consistent could improve the visual appeal. For example: some things are center justified, others are left justified. Some bullet points have the square/diamond design, and others are a simple dash

    Some typos:
    orthodontists —> orthodontist’s
    will come of as —> come off
    actually toothbrush —> actual toothbrush
    bristle less center —> bristle-less center

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