Dr. Edyta Greer, Macaulay Honors College, Fall 2017

Final Draft: A More Effective Limb Splint (Elina, Jacqueline, Paul)

Download (PDF, 2.97MB)


  1. Katherine Chemas

    This is a huge improvement from your first draft. The picture of the final product is a great picture and I like how you put a picture of traditional forearm splinting. You might want to consider making some type of graphic directly comparing the advantages of your product vs traditional splints. You may be able to replace the “Discussion” or “Issues to Address” with that more appealing graphic.

  2. egreer

    I have for now only one suggestion: could you please try sans letterform, e.g. Arial, Helvetica, which are more readable from a distance than Times New Roman? Thank you!

  3. David Chung Loo

    I really like the picture you have for final product. My only concern is the discussion section. I think you can organize the bold subsections in a table or some form to make the information easily readable. Other than that, I really like your design. Great job!

  4. Amanda Zhang

    I like how clean and simple the design of your poster is. The pictures you added were also helpful for understanding the purpose of your design and how it would work. One suggestion I’d make is making your abstract have less text and maybe format it in bullet points so that it’s easier to read from a distance. Also, a brief explanation of what limb splinting is would be useful. Overall, you guys did a good job.

  5. Joe Gofman

    I think your poster is by far the cleanest and most inviting to look into of all the ones posted so far. Your group somehow found a way to take the blank space and use ut such that it contributes to the overall work instead of in any way taking away from it. I do agree with Professor Greer that the choice of font does create narrower letters which are slightly more difficult to decipher from a distance, but I think your poster overall looks like a completed project.

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