I think it is important to be doing a lab in a classroom setting to see what we have learned in a hands-on environment. A controlled lab environment with expected results is optimal for teaching purposes because it gives students a chance to learn how to complete an experiment with the correct methods and procedures. This way, those students learn how to correctly conduct an experiment if they chose to conduct one with unknown results in the future. In the context of “non-specialist” science courses, I think these labs are still a necessity. This is because a student in any science course should have the opportunity to conduct lab work, as it is an essential part of any of the sciences. In the labs for this class, I hope to gain the experience of hands-on science. I have learned the theory in class, and I’m excited to see the chemical reactions I’ve learned about happen before my eyes.

In a non-science course, such as history or American literature, a “lab” would look like any hands-on experience. For example, in a literature course a “lab” would be creating your own stories rather than just reading other authors. However, for a science lab report, a much different style of academic writing in necessary. It must be much dryer writing, in order to avoid personal opinions clouding the results. A lab report must be as unbiased as possible, it strips away all of the fluff writing in order to allow the data to speak for itself.