Hi class,

Our apologies – Dr. Greer and I misspoke in class on Wednesday about the final blog post. There is one more blog post that we want you to complete. This will be due no later than the final exam date for our class (there is no final exam), which is December 20.

We would like you to please write a blog post that reflects on the course. This is separate and in addition to your course evaluation. There is not much structure to this other than for you to comment on events in this course, assignments, activities, and course content. Your answers (and potential criticisms) will not impact your grade in any way (i.e. if you say something negative about the course, your grade won’t be penalized). Some questions that you can choose to address include (these are just a guide):

  • What were your thoughts on the STEAM Fest?
  • What were your thoughts about the BioBlitz? Was the event incorporated well into the course?
  • Did you feel like the science senses were a good framework for the course?
  • How did you enjoy the 3D printing experience? Was that well-integrated into the course?
  • How was the website used? Did you feel that it was a useful tool?
  • Anything else about the course.

Again this is due December 20. Please use the category “Blog Entry 3.”

Thanks again for a great semester!