Coming into this Seminar, I actually had really high hopes and expectations for a fun class. To me personally, both of the first two seminars were interesting but both had failed to strike a chord with me. As a student who lives and breathes STEM, my favorite part of the course was finally taking a class completely dedicated to it, taught by an amazing expert in their own field. Finding out that our professor would be a Professor of Organic Chemistry and that our ITF had a PhD of his own was intimidating from the start, however as the course progressed I realized that neither the lectures, projects, or Professors where what I had initially thought.

In terms of the material of the class, I thoroughly enjoyed every lecture and lab Dr. Greer led us through. I can honestly say she is the only science teacher I’ve ever had that made what we learned in the classroom real and applicable to the world outside of school. The production of our own medical devices/advancements just built on this for me as creating something with a 3D printer is something I’ve always wanted to do. The one thing I wish was different about that however was just how much class time we actually dedicated to that project and its presentation. The creation process, as well as the STEAM festival, were all fun informative events, and it was amazing looking around and seeing some of the best projects of the event belonging to my own classmates, but it left me wanting more fun science lessons led by Dr. Greer from within the classroom.

Regardless, I enjoyed amazing experiences thanks to Dr. Greer and Jake and every one of my classmates. Thank you all for an amazing semester!