Going into this course I did not have many expectations. My favorite part of the course was all the random science facts that Dr. Greer taught us. I think in a traditional sense you aren’t taught much of the exciting parts of science, however I think that Dr. Greer did the opposite. My favorite parts of the course were the PMOOP presentations, as I loved learning of the different natural remedies used in medicine, and also the two labs we did which highlighted how easy it is to make things at home. This captures the true essence of science, where we all consider ourselves to be scientists. My least favorite part of the course was BioBlitz. The actual outing was a fun experience, however, I feel as though it was irrelevant in our course which focused on healthcare. We received too much data from the outing and it was unorganized and hard to understand. However, I would prefer this outing be irrelevant than to focus on it for our final projects as other classes did, seeing as how our projects were substantially more interesting. Also, I loved working with the Makerhub and it was overall a positive working experience. Sharing our work at the STEAM festival was rewarding and I found it to be very easy to summarize after having done it multiple times in the classroom.