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Creative Inquiry Day

Dear Students,

I hope you are all very well. I wish to announce that the registration for the Creative Inquiry Day is now open. Please, register your last semester health care innovation project  and attend this exciting event on May 10th. Please, see message below for details.

I hope to see you there!!! Best wishes, Dr. Greer



Please join us at Creative Inquiry Day on Thursday, May 10, and  register no later than May 6.  All research and creative endeavors are welcome! Celebrate undergraduate scholarship, creativity, and engagement. 

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our best, 

The Creative Inquiry Team

Nancy Aries and Jody Vaisman, Baruch Honors Program 

Heather Samples and Meechal Hoffman, Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute 


Creative Inquiry Day, Spring 2018

Thursday, May 10

12:00pm – 2:00pm

NVC Main Gym (Level 2B)


“The students were so impressive—they were well prepared, deeply knowledgeable and clearly excited about their work. I felt as if I was speaking to graduate students rather than undergraduates!”

Mitchel Wallerstein, President, Baruch College

LifeSci NYC Internship Program

Dear Students,

I hope your Thursday is off to a great start!

I would like to share with you the internship opportunity which you may find interesting.  Details are provided below and the application is available  in the following link: https://www.lifesci.nyc/students

Please, consider applying. Thank you! Best wishes, Dr. Greer


Dear University Partners,

Thank you for spreading the word to students about the LifeSci NYC Internship Program. We have received many strong applications thus far. The application remains open through March 31 but we are encouraging students to apply ASAP, as we are placing students on a rolling basis.

Now that we have begun matching high scoring students with host companies, we have identified several  types of candidates that are in particular demand by host companies. Any help you could provide in encouraging such students to apply would be greatly appreciated.

Our greatest need at present is for students who are interested in business roles. Life sciences (and related) students are excellent candidates for these opportunities, but in many cases, business students without life sciences experience are great candidates too. It is important, however, that such students express an interest in applying their skills within the life sciences field when they write their applications.  Many of these employers also stress the need for excellent communication skills.

Following are some more specific needs:

  • Students interested in business – especially among students who have lab and/or industry experience. Students should be sure to indicate in their personal statement that they are interested in serving in a business role.
  • Juniors and Seniors with art or design skills (encourage students to express interest in using their skills in the life sciences field)
  • Students in PhD or postdoc programs in Drug Delivery, Biotech, Biochemistry, Biomaterials, Materials Science, Polymer Chemistry, Rheology, or Chemical Engineering; requires lab experience and/or genetic engineering expertise. Medical students and/or those with ophthalmology training are also great candidates.
  • Masters and PhD students interested in business roles in the life sciences: In many cases, there is no requirement for a major in biology, the life sciences or a related field. However, applicants with expertise in medicine, digital health, data science, consulting, finance and/or advocacy are encouraged.
  • Masters or doctoral students with expertise in immuno-oncology – note that this opportunity requires students who could travel to Pearl River, NY (which is in Rockland County)
  • Undergraduates, ideally in biomedical engineering, who could travel to Pearl River, NY

As a reminder, our student application is available at:


We will be sure to reach out again should we have additional recruiting needs to share. Thanks again for all your help.


Best regards,


3D printed designs and posters

Dear Students,

I hope you have saved your 3D printed designs and posters. If so, please, bring them to school on Monday.  I could store them for you until next event at Baruch College (Creative Inquiry Day (CID)), on May 10th, 2018.

Thank you and see you soon, Dr. Greer

3D printed designes and posters

Dear Students,

I hope you have saved your 3D printed designs and posters. If so, please, bring them to school on Monday.  I could store them for you until next event at Baruch College (Creative Inquiry Day (CID)), on May 10th, 2018.

Thank you and see you on Monday, Dr. Greer



presentations on Monday

Dear Students,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. On Monday we will have the final round of 10 min long poster presentations. It would be ideal if all groups could bring their 3D printed designs. Thank you and best wishes, Dr. Greer

Lab Tomorrow

Dear Students,

The class tomorrow is held at 17 LEX in room 824. We will make aspirin! We will need the entire class period to finish this experiment so please arrive on time. In addition, please bring your notes from the last week class to refer to.

Thank you and see you tomorrow, Dr. Greer


Dear Students,

Please check comments available for your poster.

Please comment on posters of your classmates as soon as possible. It is important that your classmates receive comments before the class on Monday so they have a chance to address them. On Monday each group will present their poster for 10 minutes. Everyone is expected to participate equally. You will be graded based on the quality of the group poster and your individual presentation. Please, come prepared.

In addition, please, see the message from the MakerHub below:

All of your prints have been made and are ready for your review. Please coordinate a time next week to meet for someone from your team to come meet with Bryan and he can show you what has been printed. We could make minor changes, adjust sizing, quality, if it makes sense for your design. I sent this to one person from each group, please forward to your whole team. 


Thank you. See you on Monday, Dr. Greer


class tomorrow and the BioBlitz report

Dear Students,

Please submit your BioBlitz report online under Assignments/BioBlitz  Biodiversity Report (due 11/6).

Tomorrow, the class begin with the last PMMOP. Than, the MakerHub team will help you refine your 3D printing ideas. Please have your ideas ready . With some luck we might be submitting your design for printing tomorrow. We will also discuss how to design your poster.

Thank you and see you all tomorrow! Dr. Greer

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