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Final Blog Post

Hi class,

Our apologies – Dr. Greer and I misspoke in class on Wednesday about the final blog post. There is one more blog post that we want you to complete. This will be due no later than the final exam date for our class (there is no final exam), which is December 20.

We would like you to please write a blog post that reflects on the course. This is separate and in addition to your course evaluation. There is not much structure to this other than for you to comment on events in this course, assignments, activities, and course content. Your answers (and potential criticisms) will not impact your grade in any way (i.e. if you say something negative about the course, your grade won’t be penalized). Some questions that you can choose to address include (these are just a guide):

  • What were your thoughts on the STEAM Fest?
  • What were your thoughts about the BioBlitz? Was the event incorporated well into the course?
  • Did you feel like the science senses were a good framework for the course?
  • How did you enjoy the 3D printing experience? Was that well-integrated into the course?
  • How was the website used? Did you feel that it was a useful tool?
  • Anything else about the course.

Again this is due December 20. Please use the category “Blog Entry 3.”

Thanks again for a great semester!


poster drafts

Hi everyone,

The lab report presentation I gave yesterday is now up on the website here, or go to “In-class Presentations”>”Tutorials” in the menu above.

As a reminder, please upload your poster draft ASAP to the website, and especially please comment on others’. As of now, there are only three posters up. Ideally you should have incorporated some of the revisions that were suggested during your in-class share, and so we are now commenting on a new version. Please attend to this ASAP  and comment on other people’s posters so that groups have time over the next few days to do more revisions before Monday. It will be unfair if you get lots of good constructive feedback on your poster without leaving any for anyone else, so be a good colleague. On Monday, you’ll be doing a final run-through of your 10-minute presentation before the “final version” that will be presented on the Monday after Thanksgiving.



Blog Entry 2: Thinking About Lab

For your second blog post, please reflect a bit on the following points, and answer as a unified post (don’t answer in bullet points).

  • What, in your opinion, is the purpose of doing a lab in school?
  • A lab is a very controlled environment – you are typically not designing the experiment and there is typically an expected result. Is this pedagogically useful? Why or why not?
  • Are labs necessary for a non-specialist science course like ours? Why or why not?
  • What do you hope to gain from the lab experience?
  • What would a “lab” in a non-science course be like? For example, in a history course or an American literature course, what sort of thing would fulfill the same role as the science lab?
  • Why can’t you use the same style of academic writing that you would for an English or history class on a lab report?

Poster Design in PowerPoint

Guidelines for poster setup

Download (PDF, 33KB)

Please do not circulate or share this presentation.

Download (PPTX, 5.54MB)

Last year’s posters from our class

Previous years’ posters

Using Grid Lines

In PowerPoint, choose Slide Master by going to View>Master>Slide Master

Right click on the screen and select Guides>Add Vertical/Horizontal Guide. This will add an orange guideline that will be “locked” on the screen while you’re designing in regular view. This means you can’t move the guideline around accidentally.

You can also add movable guidelines in regular view by going through the same right-click procedure and adding vertical or horizontal lines.

Use guidelines to standardize spaces between content boxes, to align columns, or to standardize border margins.

choose a project

Hey folks,

Please fill out this form ASAP but no later than Sunday so that we can sort you all into groups. Other than your own project, please rate your first, second, and third choice of projects to work on. At the bottom, there will be a place to indicate that you’d like to work on your own project, that you don’t want to work on your own project, or that you have no preference. We will sort groups on Monday. Thanks!

Have a good weekend,


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