Science Forward Fall 2017

Dr. Edyta Greer, Macaulay Honors College, Fall 2017

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Final – e.Patch Poster

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Coming into this Seminar, I actually had really high hopes and expectations for a fun class. To me personally, both of the first two seminars were interesting but both had failed to strike a chord with me. As a student who lives and breathes STEM, my favorite part of the course was finally taking a class completely dedicated to it, taught by an amazing expert in their own field. Finding out that our professor would be a Professor of Organic Chemistry and that our ITF had a PhD of his own was intimidating from the start, however as the course progressed I realized that neither the lectures, projects, or Professors where what I had initially thought.

In terms of the material of the class, I thoroughly enjoyed every lecture and lab Dr. Greer led us through. I can honestly say she is the only science teacher I’ve ever had that made what we learned in the classroom real and applicable to the world outside of school. The production of our own medical devices/advancements just built on this for me as creating something with a 3D printer is something I’ve always wanted to do. The one thing I wish was different about that however was just how much class time we actually dedicated to that project and its presentation. The creation process, as well as the STEAM festival, were all fun informative events, and it was amazing looking around and seeing some of the best projects of the event belonging to my own classmates, but it left me wanting more fun science lessons led by Dr. Greer from within the classroom.

Regardless, I enjoyed amazing experiences thanks to Dr. Greer and Jake and every one of my classmates. Thank you all for an amazing semester!

Improving Splints

DeRosa, N. M., Roane, H. S., Wilson, J. L., Novak, M. D. and Silkowski, E. L. (2015), Effects of arm-splint rigidity on self-injury and adaptive behavior. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 48: 860–864.

Nicole DeRosa, the author of this peer reviewed article, specializes in developmental care for children with disabilities. Henry Roane deals is also a pHD in psychology who deals with self-injurious individuals. Even though this is a splint that was created to decrease the level of self harm that individuals on the autism spectrum endure, the idea behind it could be useful for our invention. The innovation behind this splint is that it has varied levels of rigidity that could be controlled. The levels could be decreased by varying the type and number of stays in each pocket of the splint. We canIf a canvas arm splint in which the level of rigidity could be gradually decreased by varying the type and number of stays in each pocket of the splint.


Ellis, H. (2011). The early days of splints and splinting. Journal of Perioperative Practice, 21(7), 251+.

Harold Ellis a professor of surgery who has written many different articles on fractures and broken bones. There is even a Harold Ellis prize of surgery that is named after him. He is a highly regarded and cited within the Internal Journal of Surgery, a peer-reviewed journal. This article gives a rundown of splints that have been used in practice since 18th century. While reading the article, i realized that splints have not progressed much after their first invention. In the 18th century, the idea of a splint was formed and by the 20th century, many different types of splints have been invented using the logic from over 200 hundred years ago. This proves that some advancements in this field would be useful since splints aren’t always very effective in immobilization.

Popular Source:

Singh, D. A.,  (2017, March 25). Fracture Splints – Why Splint a Fracture? Retrieved October 22, 2017, from


Dr. Arun Pal Singh is an orthopedic and trauma surgeon. He created this website specifically inr order to educate people on orthopedic issues and musculoskeletal health. He has published over 40 international papers. This article discusses what a fracture is from the beginning. It talks about why people should splint a fracture, how a splint helps in this situation, the splints needed for different parts of the body and how to properly splint a fracture. We can use this article for our invention by combining ideas from different types of splints and building off of how fracture splints work and possibly altering the techniques.

3D printing dates

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Physical Therapist To Go

Are you tired of having chronic pains?


Does anybody really have time to go to physical therapy?


Do you have space in your tiny NYC apartment for stretching equipment?


You probably need some physical therapy in your life, and my idea is to create a mat/ball/something kind of instrument that is customized to your needs (has workout options and has the ability to learn from what works for you and what does not) in order to achieve light exercise activities in the comfort of your home, with the accessibility to fold it up and store it in a tight space.

Poster Presentation Idea

During my sophomore year in high school, I was infected with Acanthamoeba keratitis.  Acanthamoeba keratitis is an infection caused by a microscopic, free-living ameba (single-celled living organism) called Acanthamoeba.  Acanthamoeba causes Acanthamoeba keratitis when it infects the transparent outer covering of the eye called the cornea. This infection came from my use of night contacts. I must not have cleaned it thoroughly, which lead to the Acanthamoeba virus entering my eye. Though I felt the care provided to treat my condition was done with the best care, there were some things that could definitely be improved. For example, I had to commute from the Bronx, where my high school was, to Manhattan, to obtain this specialty eye drops every three to four days. This is because there is nowhere else in the city that has them and it expires very rapidly. There is definitely a healthcare innovation that can improve this, though I’m not too sure about its specifics. Another healthcare innovation can target the cleansing of eye contacts in a very convenient and faster way. Perhaps some sort of machine that automatically cleans ur lens when you put them in?

Paraphrase Exercise

Health care providers sometimes write emergency action plans that conflict with their current school district and the American Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology guidelines. This creates a challenge for school nurses and an increased risk of anaphylaxis for the patient. Recent studies raise concerns of undertreatment of severe reactions with epinephrine (Boyce et al., 2010; Carlisle et al., 2010; Fleischer et al., 2012; Nowak-Wegrzyn, 2012b). School nurses must find a middle ground between health care providers and parents.