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Wednesday, November 15:

  • Submit revised version of poster to website. Over the weekend, view the other groups’ poster slides that were posted to the website, and offer constructive feedback in the comments section, if any. Do not just repeat what other people have already commented on — you don’t have to comment if you don’t have anything new to add.

Monday November 20: 

  • Final in-class review of posters

Week of November 20-22, 27-29:

Monday, November 27:

  • Final in-class poster presentation, around 10 minutes. Each member of group should speak equally. This will count towards your grade, and should represent a finished, polished product.

Wednesday, November 29:

  • Mock poster presentation. We will be simulating the atmosphere at the STEAM Festival by walking around the room so that you can practice your short talks. You should prepare a 1-min talk that will introduce and summarize the material to your audience, and give them the opportunity to ask follow-up questions. You will want to prepare something that will invite the audience in, provide them with enough information to give them the basics of your project, and invite further questions. Even though it’s only a minute or so, the presentation should still be split across all members of your team.

Saturday-Sunday, December 2-3:

  • STEAM Festival at Macaulay (Poster presentation)

Past Assignments

Wednesday October 4:

  • Compose a blog post in which you answer the following questions in an informal paragraph or two:
    • What are some healthcare issues that are personally important to you? This can include something that you have experienced, something that a family member has experienced, or simply an issue that you feel strongly about or you’ve heard of.
    • Do you feel that the care was provided at a level that met your expectations?
    • How might various players in the healthcare system improve this situation?

Make sure you select the category “Poster Ideas”

Wednesday October 11:

Monday October 16

  • Finalize groups

Monday October 23:

  • Each person create an annotated bibliography of at least 3 articles per person. These should be different articles. Two articles must be peer-reviewed. The third should be from a reputable popular source, such as a newspaper or magazine (online is fine if you feel that the work is of a high quality, from a relatively impartial source, and well researched).

Your annotation for each entry should at the very least:

  • Identify the author and their position (researcher, professor, staff science writer, etc.) or experience
  • Summarize briefly the article’s main points and findings
  • Indicate how you plan to use this source in your project

See here for a sample annotated bibliography (from a very different topic).

Wednesday November 8 and Monday November 13:

  • First draft of poster due as a PowerPoint slide, group presentation in class (approx. 10 minutes)
  • Create a new post (only 1 per group needed) with the category “Poster Drafts”