“When Service Learning Doesn’t Really Serve”

I found this article to be particularly interesting as my opinion on the status on service learning has been accurately articulated. Critics of service learning are of the view that the educators are doing a disservice the general public and to the students by allowing the academic setting of service learning to be one similar to a classroom setting. An excerpt from the article reads “When the focus is on learning, students and professors operate as if they’re in a traditional learning environment — namely, one that allows for failure, experimentation and mistakes. Experimentation and room for failure in a community does not benefit the students nor the community as the results of the students performance deliver real results that may have negative externalities. Priority needs to be given to the results of the students performance students rather than the work that they accomplished. I am of the view that the issue within service learning lies in the fact that faculty do not prioritize the effectiveness of students work but rather focus on students completion of their work. Do you think that service learning should have room for failure or should their be modifications to the system to properly accommodate performance shortcomings by students?



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