Reading Questions for April 3rd


  1. Wouldn’t the decline in net revenue and the hunt for possible donors distract colleges from their goal which is to provide a good education to their students?
  2. Do students that choose not to attend college because they think it won’t lead them to a career see a college education as more than just a pit stop in their road to their future career?
  3. Is a college’s ROI having a negative impact in terms of how many students apply to the college?
  4. Shouldn’t having a college education be more important for the government in the long run than Medicaid and prisons?
  5. It seems as the quality of education is declining especially because classes are getting bigger and are being taught by graduates. This might make it more appealing for students to not to go to college. But what about our future generations. Will not having a college degree become common in the future? What does this mean for us in terms of competing with other nations in various sectors including technology and finance?
  6. Is having too many research institutions necessarily bad? Aren’t they why America is at the top of the game when it comes to research?
  7. It might be true that the ivy league schools are charging more for prestige but do employers know that? A student that graduated from Harvard has a higher chance of getting the same job than a student from a public school because they are deemed to be “smarter.”
  8. Should the government allocate a fund for paying for public colleges that isn’t effected by the downturns in the world economy?
  9. Will we see in a growth of non-liberal arts colleges as more and more people want to get the most out of a college education in terms of getting a job?
  10. Will a degree from a MOOC be valued as much a degree from a four year college in the near future? Are people that have a degree from a MOOC getting the jobs they want?
  11.  Schools like Beaver college prove that they were never following their mission statement and that higher education is just another business. Do you agree?
  12. If students are deciding where to go to school by what kind of facilities are offered in the dorms and the lounges, aren’t they being distracted from the real purpose of why they should be going to college? This will inevitable have a negative impact on our future generations as students will come out from colleges that didn’t match with their needs.