Peer Review

  • Indicate which category the post you're reading belongs to (NOT which group you are in)
  • 1. Read through the post once without making any annotations or corrections. Summarize the main idea of the post
  • 2. Does the post have a clear audience? If so, who is it? If not, who might be the intended audience for this topic?
  • 3. What factual assertions does the post make about the topic? Are these assertions backed up with data/sources, or are they just presented as facts by themselves?
  • 4. How does the post frame its content as a narrative or story? If it is unclear or there is no narrative, suggest how the author might direct the post to have more of a clear narrative
  • 5. How does the author engage with themes of immigration in this post? If immigration issues are not present, suggest how the author might incorporate some elements of immigration or the immigrant experience.
  • List one aspect per line, click the plus button to add a line.
  • List one suggestion per line, click the plus button to add a line.