STEAM Festival

Hi Everyone,


You should have received an e-mail yesterday reading the STEAM festival that Macaulay central is organizing for the weekend of December 2-3. That e-mail should have included a link for registering, but if it did not, the link is here:

I am afraid, that is about the extent of the information that I can provide regarding the STEAM festival. If you have questions about the registration process or the even more generally, please contact Lisa Brundage at Macaulay Central directly. She seems to be the one organizing the event. Her e-mail address​

Denisse might also be able to offer additional advice about the format, especially regarding how you will be asked to present your material. You will be given to a chance to talk with here on Tuesday, November 28th when we meet for the peer review.

Finally, comments on photo portfolios are forthcoming, and everyone should receive them by the weekend’s end.

Also, remember that we don’t have class on Tuesday because Baruch runs on a Friday schedule. Enjoy the Thanksgiving break!



Professor Heath


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