Welcome to Macaulay’s Honors Thesis Colloquium for 2013-14!


This yearlong course will provide students with a unique opportunity to:

  • Conduct in-depth research on a topic of their choice in consultation with a faculty advisor who specializes in that subject matter
  • Collaborate extensively with each other for peer evaluation
  • Write a polished journal-length essay
  • Create an accompanying website for further presentation of their findings
  • Cultivate oral presentation skills

Throughout the two semesters, weekly assignments will be geared toward fostering intellectual community as well as cultivating skills in techniques of inquiry, writing, oral presentation, and website creativity.  As a class, we will meet to brainstorm about issues, refine arguments, and offer advice on research, revision, and representation.

Participants are expected to complete a full essay by the end of the fall semester. During the spring semester, while students continue to polish their essays, the emphasis will be on conference presentation for an academic audience and the creation of digital projects which will bring their research to the public.