Remember Day One?

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I am so grateful for a course that allowed me to become so familiar with a topic that was both foreign and familiar to me. My love of Poe has grown infinitely. I’ve become intrigued by Hitchcock’s methods and have found myself re-watching the films I viewed for this project and looking for new angles, new connections.

Of the two theses I wrote my senior year, I am especially proud of this one because of the positive reaction it has received considering how new everything felt to me. Here, I need to thank Isenberg, Lindsey, Lee, and Jenny for accompanying me on this strenuous journey. I had never endeavored on a writing project of this length, and I was grateful to have a supportive, motivating team behind me.

A great debt of thanks and a ton of sisterly pride go out to my classmates Colby and Kerishma. Thank you ladies! I have learned so much about each of your topics and was so excited to see your projects grow into the marvelous beasts that they have become. You girls were my cheerleaders through such unfamiliar territory. We did it! Thank you for going through it all with me.

Courtesy of Kerishma

Courtesy of Kerishma

Of course, I have to thank the Macaulay administration, including Mary Pearl, Mike Lamb, and Joe Ugoretz, for facilitating each and every concern that arose throughout the year. From finding advisers to presentation tips, we were very lucky to have you around.

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  1. L. M. Freer
    June 9, 2014

    Yay! Graduation photo!


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