Remember Day One?

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I am so grateful for a course that allowed me to become so familiar with a topic that was both foreign and familiar to me. My love of Poe has grown infinitely. I’ve become intrigued by Hitchcock’s methods and have found myself re-watching the films I viewed for this project and looking for new angles, […]

Some Seminar 4 Presenting Advice!

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Memes Advice Hey gang! We collected some great presenting tips and tricks from our fellow colleagues at NCUR last month. Some of them even harken back to their Seminar 4 presentations. If you have any other helpful advice, feel free to chime in in the comments! Emily Paolillo, Brooklyn College: “For Seminar 4, my class […]

Intersectionality and the Digital Humanities Flashcards!

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Comparing Sources Flashcards Our Intersectionality and DH Flashcards were made on Flashcard Machine, and can be found here!

Fish and Srinivasan and Flanders

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Growing up in the digital age, it is always interesting to read about the time before computers. Technology has drastically changed the way people think, act, and work. In their article “Digital Labor is the New Killer App,” Adam Fish and Ramesh Srinivasan analyze a digital labor outsourcing firm and a television network that relies […]

Cindy Sherman was here!

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I’m so excited to get started on my digital project! The ideas are there, it’s conceptually rich, but I’m having trouble actually reaching the execution. A self-portrait project building upon ideas of reflection and the male gaze  around Poe and Hitchcock’s themes is so promising, but I need a few things to happen before I […]

Response to CMS, Value, and Interface

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Considering that this article, to me, reads like stereo instructions (Beetlejuice reference, anyone?), I was able to pull up a few original ideas. Knowledgeable as he is, I do not believe that he skillfully relates this knowledge to readers. The one brief section that I was able to understand is near the beginning, when he […]

Updated portraiture project proposal

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Things are still up in the air right now with my digital project. I don’t have the funds available to me right now to set a budget or the know-how to create my online graphic novel. However, I still think that there is a way to address certain themes that stand out (or don’t get […]

Poe, Hitchcock, and a conceptual photographer walk into a bar…

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Just as I struggled with choosing a topic and narrowing it down in the fall, I can’t seem to restrain myself when brainstorming my digital thesis project. The possibilities are limitless! My project wish list goes on and on, but I tried to restrain myself to proposing projects that can be realistically completed within the […]

Japanese Video Games and Comic Books

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These two projects (entitled “Kingdom Hearts” and “One million manga pages”) each borrow massive amounts of content from a popular Japanese video game as well as a series of Japanese graphic novels, called manga. What they have in common are the way in which they gather, synthesize, and redistribute this widely available content. Divorced from […]

Ben Blatt must be great at Mad Libs

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I’m not sure if anyone has seen Blatt’s awesome tables before reading this article, but I came across them one day on my Tumblr dash and got a kick out of them. I am familiar with  each of the three series he studied, and though I knew Hunger Games, Twilight, and Harry Potter definitely veered from each […]