Aug. 30

Introduction to Class

Introduction to course website

Sept. 6

Kirsch, Chapters 1-3

And “The Book of Revelation”  (Kirsch Appendix)

Sept. 13

Kirsch, Chapters 4-7

Watch 9 minute video in advance of class:

Kermode, “The End” (course website)

Sept. 20


Strozier, Essays 1 and 3 (course website)

LaHaye and Jenkins, first half

Film “Jesus Camp” in class

Sept. 27

Strozier, Essays 6 and 10 (course website)

LaHaye and Jenkins, remaining chapters

Oct. 4

No Tuesday Classes: Start reading Moore, Watchmen (discussion next week)

Oct. 11

Moore, Watchmen

Rosen, Introduction and Chapter 1  (course website)

Oct. 18

**Oct. 20-22

Quinby, “The Days are Numbered” (course website)

Rosen, Epilogue (course website)

View “Apocalypto,” “28 Days Later,” and “Children of Men during week

Doomsday Fest—please plan to attend at least one event

Oct. 25

Creative Project Proposal due:  2 pages—Please bring 2 hard copies to class for peer review

Film “Jonestown” in class

Please watch in advance of class:

Macdonald, Introduction, Foreward and chapters I-X

Nov. 1

Macdonald, rest of book

Nov. 8

McCarthy, first half

Nov. 15

McCarthy, to end

Nov. 22

No Tuesday Classes: Complete your 2012 research essay

Nov. 29

Essay due: Formal Presentation of argument in class (10 minutes each plus Q and A)
        Dec. 6 Rick Moody, “The Albertine Notes” (course website)
        Dec. 13 Final regular class, summing it all up

Dec. 20

Final Exam Period: Creative Project online and presented to class